Set myself the additional challenge to optimise it for mobile and upload it to the google play store.

Collect trash from the ocean and save our earth, just like in real live the ocean in this game is badly polluted with plastics. You can collect the plastic by clicking on it. The plastic you collect will give you money which you can use to buy better catchers, conversions and bigger field of view. There are also passive productions that can do the work for you.

All versions have 100k aditional game jam starting budget so you can test around and already buy stuff from the get go :D
Google Play Store Version is now available!

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJohn | bblessed
Tagsbarji, Casual, Clicker, ocean, plastic, polymars, teamseas


TrashClicker 39 MB
TrashClicker 47 MB

Also available on


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Ayy, another clicker game! It's really cool that you made it available on android, that's such a flex!

I like that you added the click and drag support for desktop users too (I didn't really see it's point on mobile but with a mouse it's a lot more useful) and I like how many upgrades and passive options you added.

For some points of improvement, I found that after a while there wouldn't be a lot of trash spawned, so I couldn't focus so much on picking it by hand and had to use the passive upgrades instead. I think you should increase the amount of 'trash islands' that spawn, maybe exponentially with time?
Also, after I bought a passive upgrade, it's price didn't increase, so towards the end I could almost afford infinite upgrades.

Other than that really nice work, congrats!


Wow thank you so much for this extensive feedback. yeah the spawning is a little tricky as I only spawn new stuff whenever you are dragging the view.

I love the visuals and the art style, this has to be one of the best entries!
Great job

These are big words! But thank you very much :D

Nice game like the gameplay.

Awesome :D

Great game. Love the graphics and UI!

Thank you very much!